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Autocomplete Mamas (Self-Released 2013)

   Colossal program of Comedy or dark jokes novelty probably, occurs with this creative recording for Parody parade by some local and national situation/stand-up comedians whose the names you might know or don’t and this is it – The FuMP (or The Funny Music Project) Volume 40: July – August 2013 being the choice for those whom like the equality of musical and sick joking moments in one package to be heard following of the guns aiming, hate targeting and curses spitting onto one direction on the stage which the audience could gets via some of those funny stupid and joyful sarcasm making by the names: Denny Brownlee, Bonecage to Raymond & Scum as many joining this episode season with things originally material made from themselves like Makeshift Vagina, Titanic Monday from Carrie Dahlby, Tony Goldmark bringing The Guy on TV’s Not Happy or Steve Goodie did The Cover of The Rolling Stones (Boston Bombing version) that would ticking some good christians, conservatives and rednecks to come and shoot them in the face soon after. 
   You will not really can stop laughing for the next puking and jerky talks and stories among the album when Power Salad going for The Waiter Dropped The Plates, Dino-Mike with My Favorite Part and Crush Groove bursts into The Weed Fart Song! Making The Funny Music Project as one of the newest collaborative efforts in a large group simply being loved by the listeners and free-thinkers as their loyal fan-based people.

Your country isn’t just about Trump great again !