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Aufbruch (Season Of Mist 2017)

   Considerable to some metal-heads as a plain perfection album is this Wurzburg, Germanic mastery Classic orchestral forging blasts of Black Metal as atmospheric underground and lethal extreme possible as always which progressively, throws the darken messages lyrics to overthrown anything associated with the lights and heaven promises to shreds. Finisterre is the leading role-play musical project regretlessly blown out settles by the group whom writing, arranged and produced the releasing known as Der Weg Einer Freiheit bring their Bavarian heritage of dark-essential pagan beliefs as a trio: Nico Ziska (bass), Tobias Schuler (drums) and Nikita Kamprad (guitars/vocals) displaying the proud symbols in the front cover to worshiping the ancient old faith of the land people as the stinging blizzard raw brutal sounds comes with Ein Letzter Tanz, Skepsis Part I and II or Neubeginn as bonus track to resulting paganism ruling over the monotheist religions once again.