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Atasilu Downlow (POSTPARTUM 2017)

May you pleased to meet Mr. Kafer a/k/a producer/rapper from Salzburg, Austria whom pleasantly, did this musical project works available within the debut recording experiments called Travelin that contains thus instrumental, Boom Bap or Jazzy Hip-Hop flavors through this cosmic irrelevant beings sound via several tracks arranged and mixed alike Keep The Funk, Chill For a While, Where Are You From, In This Life, Just In Case onto What You Really Want and Take The World softer in the breeze season to keep your ears warm over the journey entrance to the wonderland-type of picturing scene music among the universal stars, female figure and cute tea-pot house and mythical creatures as presented here.

The questioning for some like Who is God or good vibration on Blastin may pleasure to hear by those whom loving this kinds of experience of going places by jets or even boats.