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At Death’s Door (Relapse Records 2018)

   Much appreciated to be their own Old-School Death Metal music infused within the gore, primitive life to cannibalism themed aspects growing attached as these Arroyo Grande, Florida crew of Gruesome becoming not just Death’s tribute band at first slowly rotting their focus in a way that most metal-heads would love to head-banging through their consciousness topics like the second full length album purposes over the unholy sermon and mass ritual of the un-dead-er church where the multiply of insanity preaching leads the control onto thus dead flesh eaters to following the command of the false prophecy within.

   As comprising for vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey, female bass-basher Robin Mazen, Gus Rios behind the manic drum-sets and Daniel Gonzalez shredding the guitars over Twisted Prayers recording which keep on the pulsating eight tracks of both chaotic and murderous growler fast killing bursts hard as A Waste Of Life, Fate, Lethal Legacy and Fatal Illusions may leads your Sunday’s blessings turned out to be a gory gone separation and lifeless submissions to the ongoing incorrect acts of Death Metal choirs for the corpses worshiping ceremony. 

Twisted Prayers: