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Ass Eaters Converting (Bandcamp 2018)

   Worst Electronic devices beats and death machine Horror-Punk mixture in Cyberpunk and Synth-Pop culture sounds contributes as the music of I Killed Techno! Welcoming the ears of uncertain weridy people loving what the project do best entirely, as this Mc Allen, Texas strange behaviors flocks of dancing humanoid in a chick masks portable and dominant to releasing this ridiculous Bird Up! album to fly outside the nest unguarded. As tactical as not beautifully – preparing things to be looking good and accessible as possibly good within the check-point rhythmic pleasure of strange things showing via One Foot in The Grave and The Other in The Potato Salad or If Dying is Your Highest Honor You’re Working for The Wrong Fast Food Franchise kind of deliverance chirping maggot-type theme story telling the retard-house music making force everyone to be crazily dancing and follow the metallic Electronic madness form due to the evening schedule.

Bird Up: