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Aristocracy Titan (Rage In Eden 2013)

Content realm is very obscured to closely, calls aesthetic without any political fusion upon them as this Industrial musical project named Legionarii had being influenced by many martial noises of dark and harder as the works symbolizing the hypnotic, atmospheric militarism, descriptions about strength of control, artistic or beauty and criticism on heroic spirits to various philosophy oriented as Neo-Classical Ambient sounds surrounding you like a wall of European orchestra reactions against the historic wars and the developments of itself for many decades. 

This Discipline Of The State might fits suitable for some colossal epic movies and story connected to Gilgamesh or Troy but as the dark castle approaching above the statue of the weight of the world just as far as the reachable harmony vocals and testing musical recorded here through The Inner Circle, Blood Of Millions, Ordo Ab Chao and Enter The Global Union – must be reacted as you now realizing what is it all about and the purposes lies beneath the secret plan from EU countries to not just controlling the regions but wider and wider conquests is possible to be delivered and succeeded after this pax-musica Trojan horse sent out. 

Disciples Of The State: