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Answer Ruminations (Independent 2018)

   Psychedelic Doom Metal group taken from the influential fiction character faction assassins out of the universal game of The Elder Scrolls and from that point – Morag Tong was born and lives. These London – United Kingdom band precisely, describing the sophomore acts production as being recorded over the album entitled Last Knell Of Om by Sam Thredder and resulting those six tracks with a long progressive durations as a possible journey through Stoner/Doom/Sludge Rock and the magic magnetism of symbolic sacred of the definitive eye and ultimate storming powers as ability says aloud mingled through the high techniques and various effects palyed and performs by James Atha (bass), Lewis Crane and Alex Clarke on the guitars department to the lead vocalist and drummer Adam Asquith telling the entire story engaged to your choices under Transmission comes and go for over six minutes and fifty seconds onto New Growth limited to almost seven minutes and fifty-four seconds as well as To Soil that comes for eight minutes more as the blasting and the bashing grooves kept guarding the elements of battering screams fusion in details like many legendary Englishmen did to nurturing the underground metallic style heritage to threatening the future still. 

You need to have them on your stereo and by any means necessary, doing the old ritual and spill some blood for the exchanged of magic and knowledge. 

Last Knell Of Om: