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American Dump (Count Your Lucky Stars 2016)

   Acoustic performance in bitter lyrics and story themes shortly, could take some attentions within the artists’ whining vocals and sad atmosphere around how the new project - Cotopaxi (or Anthony Heubel with Fyoelk and Hannah Friese) from the force of independent Alternative Folk-Rock and Pop blurry strapped themselves to be lonely and dedicated the songs written here for the most lonely communities around them in the city and the rural areas as well. Ten songs recording that might related like farther cousin to The Cure oldies dark-tracks especially, for the sitting alone moment waiting for someone whom never comes may erasing yourself from having All The Fun completely but rather than decided to kill yourself why don’t you just open your heart and listening to this Exceptionally Ordinary, Hardly Knew You, Right All The Time and Black Dog onto Fewer Expectations that calmly – claiming the best of you to be your comeback next time against the same moment or conditions.

PS. There's a frizzle fry beats over You We're You're Not, you know !

Having All The Fun: