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Alcohol Suicide (Plejs Records 2017)

   Sounding like a middle ages of hardcore Cross-Over but being one of the most lesser known Thrasher Metal-heads out from the underground scene of Zagreb, Croatia – things might not really looking clear and good in step by steps to LIV as the band. As decaying body of a other-worldly beings stays and stuck on the throne seat for centuries being found by the fortunate or not group of people and worshiping it – like it is the god himself being frozen by time for song long terms era here on the planet core cave as the quartet of Leo Budinski (vocals), Pavao Jusic (guitars), Marko Vrjic (bass) and Mihael Bosak (drums) screaming in and out the terrible shouts and anger violence via the Cross-Over of Heavy Metal, Speed Rock and Thrash Metal in common valuable inferior themes chosen and written thorough the lyrics and background themes of the self-titled album.

   For those whom love Metallica, Megadeth, Manowar and Anthrax or Saxon needs to put an extra attentions for this band because with a good shaping of killer persona or timing of the exact releasing and blasting preserved out for not far from high pitch tones and fast tempos with techniques; LIV may becoming as big and good as the four horsemen of the US power metallers with a non-compromising tracks like Imprisoned, Watchtowers Of The South, Cult of Dioniz, Freezing War and Black Metal Slut that been written internationally in English for a better spreading wings of destiny or dead cause music.