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Ailes Brisees Aux (Hypnotic Dirge Records 2015)

   Needing two souls to riding the essential maleficent small dark route to mapping the entire territory that you may recalls as the barbarian horde kingdom like some animal-skinned and thorns worshiping tribes loves to go to war and pillage or plundering the neighboring countryside onto ashes while raping enemies female a must as battle trophies but sooner there’s no more to fights while the expansion come crossing another empire’s borderlands and those whom should not come crossing needs to add more damages scars to the new opponents and the folklore laws forbidden them to disobeying only their gods and this heritage being consumed and then, spreads onto the masses by these Gatineau/Hull – Quebec crew of Doom/Death Metal/Post Metal alliance taking their name off the Siberian city of Russia – Norilsk given the idealistic slow-grooving hits of cymbals and war-drums and growler screams over the heavy riffs provider to The Idea Of North that makes Nicolas Miquelon on vocals, guitars and bass with nick Richer the drummer and backing vocals did well onto this joint forces recording arrangements as crossing the storming snow landscapes, empty tundras and dangerous unnamed forest brings us the visionary journey to the artistic metal-bashing tunes by the traditional/modern/uncommon sources to challenge your physic to the limits facing Japetus, Nature Morte, La Grande Noirceur as well as Planete Heurt covering the sing anthem of the past through Coeur De Loup (Philippe Lafountaine cover) as the red skies and the deserted lands are your conquest territorial gifts to reclaims.

The Idea Of North: