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Ah Diddums Labcoat (Sunstone Records 2018)

Proto fuzzy Krautrock or Psych-Rock to Punk-Rock and high energy of Space Rock leads this Garage Rock unit from Lancaster comprising for Spacey, Loz, Sean, Richard and Pete forming Three Dimensional Tanx within the essential touches on weird territorial limitless amount for settling silly grooves and hand-clapping Pub-Rock at Neo alternative related sounds as a fire-blasts of popular music from first to the last in a great speed or infectious beats and of course, thus – stupid verses or choruses under the guitar melodic simplicity punkish movements like his Latest Apparatus, Medication, Right Place Wrong Life, E is For Engine, Uneven Stevens and Tramp Ramblin’ onto Spiderman Pinball seems to be closely, yummy as delicatessen here. 

Drilling the conservative world through A Compulsion For Propulsion – studio album and plug it in … 

A Compulsion For Propulsion: