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Aghast Pantheon (Dark Descent Records 2012)

   By the necro-phobic violence as well as death and misery themes writing lyrics out of Vantaa – Finland comprising on Henri Kuula on vocals, Jukka Aho and Jussi Takanen on guitars; Tommi Makkonen on drums and Tami Luukkonen on bass guitar within mixed and mastered from the producer by Tommi Otsavaara and these extreme finnish group – Gorephilia’s debut taking you onto the gory place on top of the creepy mountain as thus intestines and humane prime senses becoming the ornaments and the dry-oaks natural soil unfolded as Embodiment of Death being released here for the destruction parts of humanity only as devastated as extinction pushes the mortal to volunteering themselves to be slay or slaughtered by the creator gods as mutation is the best new evolution for the planet breeding to grow back again. 

Sadistic intentions and brutal incantation served well disturbing as horrific gore consuming the audiences within the total growler and demise attacks by the tracks of Forget Mortality, 7 Gates 7 Spheres, Exist to Suffer and Bloodspawn releasing thus planet’s system shreds into something you never going to recognizing but as hell-earth.

Embodiment Of Death: