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Aeterna Parasitic (Unique Leader Records 2016)

   Formed by the unknown names like Dan Rabago or Jeremy Leishman in Eugene, Oregon and formatted their slicing and slashing tortured ways over the thicker beneficiary upon the performance of Technical and Brutal Death Metal probing the essential eerie intros onto thus violence, anti-religion, hatred, metaphysics and human conditions such as fear, greed and the loving of carnage or materialism making Omnihility greater and extreme in much forms right now as finally, releasing their most horrific monstrosity and bloodiest records in the entire career of metallic maniac era of the band; Dominion Of Misery might opens the eternal internal savage beliefs of mankind to seek as thus supernatural entities and creatures getting their way slipping in to our pathetic world by the portals as ritualistic force majeure sponsored by the dark powers slowly, stepping out and showing the menace behavior to the consuming on the living as the explosive Death Metal mayhem themes followed Psychotic Annihilation, Dementia Praedox, Dead Eden, Reflections in Blood or Necrotic Consumption Obsession performs by Isamu Sato the bass player, vocalist John Kurzekeski with Steve Crum on drums and long timer loyalist Dan Rabago the shedder as gory as Immaculate Deception prefix the fixation collaborative between re-creation and dying breed of men replacing by the new beings from the outer limits !

Dominion Of Misery: