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Aenigma Whispers (WormHoleDeath 2018)

   Malevolent wrath of the sea-monster king Kraken on another ships crossing the pacific ocean becoming victims of the gigantic creature’s appetites for destruction and flesh consuming as greedy it is. The Montreal, Quebec group portraying the event within the Melodic Death and Gothic Metal succession featuring the five-piece amusing players like Remi LeGresley and Jonathan Fontaine on guitars/vocals, David Gagne-Pavy behind the drum-sets, Marc Gervais on bass/vocals and female lead singer, lyricist and keyboardist Maude Theberge drawing the horror onto the happening hour of the devastation caused by the sudden attack of the monster beings on Hadopelagic as Sanguine Glacialis goes from the west to the east as down through the south only to goes up north while sharing the legends and the terror of many seas and wider oceans around the planet or from the captain’s cabin liner-notes diary inspirations and true tales whilst the great vocals aspires, the drumming bash the ship bodies as well as the extreme tempos knocking the vessels straight to the bottom of the water not long after the crushing as Le Cri Tragique D’Une Enfant Viciee, Missa Di Angelis and Un Ineffable Mal-Etre may waving the sails goodbye on the last time before one witnessing the sea-beast mouth open widely and eating alive all thus innocent souls leaving without the trace.