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Abbe Faria (Self-Released 2012)

   Memphis, Tennessee hometown rockers like Tripp Shumake, Wally Anderson, Matt Quall and Eric Garcia can be the one whom rebirthing the closer edgy distortion parts of version from any metallic taste out of The Grateful Dead’s grave if only the late Jerry and co. did a definite jumps to embracing Hard Rock and Stoner Metal mixed with their precious artifacts of Rock N’ Roll and Psychedelic Blues – the reality would lead to The Heavy Eyes in general points of views as the killing for survive against the bull’s spirits and torn apart beliefs and life full of many torturing issues around gladly, being clensing on the behalf of the higher force of guitar music influenced by Jimi Hendrix or Kyuss’ deserted rock desert fusion by an album. As recording of epic results found the achievement for the band on Maera as the black suits and comic-con game toys won’t spoiling the rest of the band’s loyal warrior souls within the exact projector buzzing through the groovy beats among Aplomado, One Hand on The Buffalo, Maggie, Lenatado, Parado or Lately and Goodnight. 

Marks this group by the name and let’s see if you too can guarantee the satisfaction for listening the head-bang mystic before thee.