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A World Series (Bad Boy Entertainment/Interscope 2015)

   Reference himself as the criminally figure of the notorious and rapid-firing weapon for the lyrical flows from him is the best undetected attitudes before you even know the man – born as Richard Colson Baker but better known later as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) delivering his bad boy’s characters with thus tattoos all over the entire body parts and not being as brutal as George Barnes unwanted lists but giving the world listeners his ultimate works as MGK move on to the edge of the ravine in front of his life which might gets boring and not dangerous enough anymore as the young man decided whether he needs to go jumping or just stay under the day of Spotlight there; within the releasing on his album – General Admission the audience will know that sometimes the precious fame and fortunes didn’t going to save your ass at all but your conscious would.
The stage light already pronouncing the announcement about and MGK is there to stand his ground not to pay the bills towards dealing with the dead contracts – he kept his sanity on writing more positive lyrics and some nasty experiences as a reminder to you and your thug-gangsta boys that the stories around Eddie Cane, Oz. to Bad Mother***er as well as Alpha Omega and Till I Die or Merry Go Round right to Story of The Stairs are honestly, signing out sharing for the youngsters who thought that cheap and fast way behind the pedestrian under being a Gangsta-Rap rules shall put you shit and money together a large amount with no losses values. 
   Your choice demands and may come back to you by three times worst or the substantive hard working pays the bill in such a lucky living delivering Hip-Hop tunes to the mainstream stop by the bullets. 

General Admission: