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A Hope Home (Equal Vision Records 2017)

   See the wedding cake and imagine that your old crush or ex-girlfriend finally, inviting you to her celebration for the new life marrying some older tall guy whom she recalls to you once to be “fucking great in bed and everything else” and sometimes this phrase keeping you down until today – the candle being lighten-up, the cheers and smiles either they’re fake or honest and Indie Alternative band on the stage playing their five-piece non-slow motion Punk-Pop powers with catchy lyrics that struck some within as they’re performing. 

   Chicagonians Luka Fischman (drums), AJ Khah (bass), Jake Marquis and TJ Horansky on guitars/vocals and Zech Pluister on lead vocals – freshly, leads the ordinary show of ture life within this Overexposed album recording as Sleep On It (band) by pleasure grab chances and tusking the inferior themes of nerdy people and collectively abandoned souls to sing along through Window, Distant, Photobooth, Always Crashing The Same Car, What We Stay Alive For, A Brighter Shade of Blue as well as Autumn (I Wish I Was Better) definitely, won’t tasted as sweet as the layers cake but you are precious not disposable – so respect yourself up !