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952 Rear Hatespeak (Bandcamp 2015)

   Go fuck yourself if you feel like you cannot handling the jokes the world had brought variously, everyday and going with the flows seemingly, a good choice while the time today didn’t standing on your side which was and always be the simultaneous studies of sounds interest of the writing creative engineering and produced of the Bay Area scene best artists like Matt Ghiglieri or Variex did again – right now with his friends for the mixing compilations through beneath Six Feet of Dust (Remixes & Rarities) comes to your face quite contrary.

   This isn’t magical like desire cat’s invisible techniques to the tree of life flying over the sky bringing musical expression and live band samples because Variex trying to open your freaking eyes to the simple little problems that can grow bigger if nobody’s care a lot anymore as the themes from the basic hatred carried by Razor Blade Palms (Benjobeats Remix), Silly Chain of Events (Nanos Remix) and All Life’s Walks (Abbadon Remix) onto Whitecap Nosedive with Otem Rellik/Dakota Remix sent as well as those other song remixes through all these twenty-one songs available here groovy by beats to entertain you and to educates you and the rest of the Hip-Hop Electro/Jazz Ambient Rap and Shoegaze sounds right freshly from Oakland. 

Beneath Six Feet Of Dust (Remixes & Rarities):