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22:52 (Dry Cough Records 2018)

   Heavy Drone-Industrial and Ambient experimental for Doom Metal to Down-tempo Sludge fusion made of Glasgow, Scotland which existing from the ideas of sarcastic remarkable thoughts talents off David Tobin and Ewan McKenzie non-filtering their ensemble of death decaying presume upon the themes directly, captures the essential underground models to be called purely extreme and raw as Ommadon is the ultimate unit that can makes Depeche Mode cry by torturing and elsewhere nobody shall dare enough to stopping this project of two tracks available in recording under the oath title in End Times surely - talking much by the instrumental within the first A Side released in twenty minutes as the dark waves occurs on the horizon tells you it just begun or the complete taking influence from The Flight of Dragons animates the measurement around the band's odd naming and the system looks fragile to failure since then. The storm follows the tides and the world turning darker while your whispering voice inside just realized the eternal doomsday finally, visiting the planet and your faith for the one last time - right after the end of the B Side track finishing all at completed forty-two minutes and fifty-two seconds.

End Times: