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1000 Sheep (Independent 2017)

   Lithuanian of the exact Vilnius area projects off an Atmospheric Progressive Post-Metal but started too darn harmonic peaceful like something taking out from the Yes pleasure works catalog and let yourself asking why these quartet of brilliant talents wrote down more conscious matters on solitude, nature and sadness all packed in one smart moving album as being released through Scar and the band named Cunabula consisting for the leading vocalist Goda Zukauskiene or known as Godumi as well as Tadas Zukauskas on ambience and bass performer; there’s guitarist Kostas Balciunas and drummer Vytis Vainilaitis completing the assembly of Progressive Doom and Heavy Metal experimental group laid the wasted laden groovy or both long beautiful jams to the brutal cranks on riff-packages onto the shocking tunes available as like one just listening to the more loosen nuts version of Tool separation solo recording sessions here. 

   The foggy surroundings, silent trees and eerie moonlights means infinitely, deeper interlacing procedures among the whispering female vocals and the suspicious tricky tuning on tempos as mystical as the ten minutes and thirty eight seconds opening ceremony for the recording followed by The Bleak Design of Sorrow even more in length duration hitting almost eleven past five seconds as double pedals barking or the rhythmic contact driven the journey towards mysterion world that counting down …