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05:11 Journey (Relapse Record 2015)

   An introduction for brand primal psych heaviness taken by influences from legendary names like Hawkwind to Aphodites Child and Amon Duul II onto the forming of these Philadelphia group called Ecstatic Vision with Douglas Sabolick, Jordan Crouse, Kevin Nickles and Michael Field Connor crossing their experimental fusion on Space Rock to Psychedelic Rock N’ Roll and Doom Metal progressions spawning the essential debut album over Sonic Praise consisting the pressure of five tracks alike of thus twelve minutes and thirty-eight seconds duration for Astral Plane onto Don’t Kill The Vibe and perhaps, your delicate number via Cross The Divide as rhythmically, providing much times to exploring the skylines or the further highest void darkness outside the planet’s orbit. 

Wicked eyes are watching this and Psychedelic Rock get its grip over the lamentation luminescence sparks which brought a mastering product of a record for loyal audiences addicted to Progressive Rock. 

Sonic Praise: