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01:19 (Season Of Mist 2018)

   Re-recording the infamous intro for this Throne Of The Goat album performed by the excluded known essential Black Metal fury attacks as anti-religion, death-darkness and demons lyrics based background presenting here as “Shoo-der” or Tsjuder is your reality of Satanism band releasing the extended play with the line-up of Draugluin on guitars, Diabolus Mort (guitars), Nag the bass player plus vocalist and Desecrator on drums – hailing themselves out of Oslo, Norway as these raw-power fast violence metal-heads unit combining thus old record materials with the parts of re-recording session for either Dying Spirits or even the Outro which commencing the destructive riff-age and demonic solo melodies within the crushing extreme Heavy Metal disarray through the deader face-painting style and demolishing rituals of the glorifying god of the horn thrones as thus double pedals worship meant to the high king of dark-reigning season raising to collects the mortals as thrilled scares approaching.

Throne Of The Goat: