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Karate Frog (Not On Label 2016)

   All right reserved for everyone to listening for this strange oddities project of Garage Punk-Pop sounds with Rock n’ Roll background formed and creates by Dr. Leslie Van Hellsberg – a former resident of the underworld but doing his time for couple decades and being released since to make more mess over the planet which caught interests from kids and adults in this chaotic musical album record – BreakFast as the clocks ringing crazy, beer bottle fell and broken room situation makes the finest morning coffee taste like shit similar to thus slutty whore models of your porn magazines and stopping for cigarettes after making another ugly tattoos and having sex without the safety rubber makes things in life feels more free exactly like most people wanted to be nowadays. 
   Let the punkish anthems of anti-hero and dark future of tomorrow roaring via Believer, D-1 Digits, Smallest Fish, Against The World or Skank Funk for this short-age timing recording release just like your invalid regrets as sharing the exported songs to the globe likes Irony, The Rapist and Freakshow. 

Athens, Greece team-up Punk don't wanna grow up but becomes always Punks !


Microplastics (Milled Pavement Records 2017)

   Before some ever did knew about Rayguomics or Vinyl Cape via MySpace but later on after demise and gone for a while it resurfacing up back as Brzowski rappin’ the conscious Gothic-Americana, Art-Rap, Doom Pop and experimental Hip-Hop progressive waves of a haunting new in horrorscapes sounds like how Cypress Hill used to in the making of a brand world without borders and metallic slaying lyrics by Black Music meets underground beats as this terror music of new-school Gangsta-Rap and Doom-Core via Emmityville proudly, made out of Portland, Maine.

   No further information leave for you but as the songs started to play from the beginning on Masking Fluid and Painter’s Tape, Contemporary Cynic, Demonic Exercises, Pit Mine, Fall Zone Pink, Surplus Humanity and So I Walk threatening every single local listeners and international kids-wannabe rapper because all those rage and reality doesn’t look like your gaming session for A World Where There is Only One of Everything. Premiers as the terrible messages toward the youth today easily slips onto criminal, unlawful and rejects society pressures infected serial killers head and minds as sick as possible on listening to the real thing. 


Crawlspace Weak (Bandcamp 2009)

   Pop-Rock sensation without too much attentions portraying the bored beautiful angel in Amityville, New York wanted a good opportunity to watch a very good shows of rock brought by an independent bands whom loves to touring, writing songs, recording album and repeating all those crazy things again like the influential Foo Fighters, Incubus, Social Distortion and The Used under the licks by Al Pitrelli or Saosin and for that – Craving Strange fits much in order to sending you quality rocks and various tempos to pulls up the entire boredom situation in the afternoon to becoming groovy Hard Rock as tough as a rock and also glamorous performance just like how Chris Monte (bass), Jimi Tassone (drums), Frank “Junior” Guertin (lead guitars) and vocalist/guitar player Jimmy G; cranking the Rock N’ Roll tidal for your earholes to bleed as you jumps higher inside the crowds. Saviour Self will knocking the park out and re-arranged your love for hard popular music – Awake and Alone, Tonight We Die For, Keepers are Killers or A Place That Doesn’t Rain onto Out The Window feels secluded and sexy like the fallen angelic beings wearing the striped pinky long socks and short dress as holy as the street slut you would take home with afterhour tonight.

Savior Self:

Reshonduhh Himalaya (Bandcamp 2017)

   This isn’t Pet Shop Boys because they’re closer in similarity to The Cars or any Rock N’ Roll Garage punkish crew of two making shitty spontaneous music for themselves according to how you describing Odd Pets on Heavy Petting for letting those rabbits kisses each other while the listeners loved to smoke weeds in loads with Andy Buch and Lisa Burner or a drummer/guitar player boy and girl loving the music forever. as superb romantical and Psychedelic dreamy Death-Pop and Surf from Des Moines saving Indie Rock through silly tracks of daily insanity feelings like Money, Stay Behind, Milk, Brian Jones, Snakes Are Real, Faded or Hell Ride – sounded little less punchy but naughty with the ugly vocals and the monotone rhythms not exactly, suits for pets as the distortion felt lame, not that catchy and rebellious.

Heavy Petting:

Urgency Bell (Southern Lord 2010)

Solve Et Coagula means likely that something needs to broke out first before it can be built in back seems to have a terrible meaning if one tries to put it as a plan on destroying the society of modern technology cities around the planet and for that – this Antiitalian Hardcore/Crust Metal of Trieste – Italy consisted of Lorenzo Gulminelli, Marco Coslovich, Michael Bertoldini, Tommaso Corte or some others sinned names baptizing their full crushing Sludge project into The Secret touches reality within thus rejected rioters and chaos minded on goat worshiper satanic cult unit as Grindcore to Black Metal ruling the horrific sounds from the group.

Brutal, nihilistic, crusty blackened distorting sounds might very non-conducive advancing the retirement oldies mass killing as well as the young executives and yuppies or the perfect shaped people in one big slamming massacre themes for no other religious acts left behind after the earth’s buildings turn to ashes as Where It Ends, Weathermen, Death Alive, Cross Builder and Pursuit of Disconfort and Eve of The Last Day given the black-clothing troops slaying and making huge fuck disasters upon your nations international meeting to help the poor to develops onto the monsters that bite the hands that feeds by Pleasure in Self Destruction and War Desire. 

Solve Et Coagula:

Cumbia Dub (Independent 2017)

Call these youngsters a bunch of garbage sons of bitches or exactly, like the daughters of L7 cohorts getting pregnant for Al Jorgensen’s seeds really in fact describing as Dead Dog band for you to stop looking the other way. Staging for their weirdy, sexy, hedonist and full Industrial-Pop meets Electro-Punk cruiser via how their instagram pages showing what you would call as the filthy, dirty independent girls and their friends making stupid music insensitive but clever in sounds not quite provides the ordinary Montreal, Quebec’s rock bands at all.

Resentida blows the fuse for five minutes and fifty-nine seconds of boredom sexuality attracting the mass for avec degeneration following the group’s ep recording not because they’re beautiful looking specific like the college Goth-Pop party drunker or the dog licking its snout for a good time as Verdugo follows you through the car stereo like a haunting written songs which loves to have the revenge of a once dying but now cured woman stalking you for things you’ve done to her several years ago that you might forgetting it. 

Resentida EP:

Snow White Suicide (Spikefarm Records 2001)

   The luck of changes for their band’s name from Kaamos as the Death Metal approaching sounds turned to more Gothic/Heavy Metal in glamour style facing these Finnish crew of Entwine as the comprising archieves over the members like Aksu Hantuu, Jaani Kahkonen, Joni Miettien, Mika Tauriainen or Tom Mikkola replacing the harsh vocals with cleaner mysterious ones and through the second releasing armory taste of popular catchy to attracts more fans on listening them; Gone the album missing almost nothing but the additional beuty on Riitta Heikkonen on keyboards as the only girl in the group making thus shiny sounds brighter to add more audiences whom may knowing them around the Scandinavian territory and beyond.

   Good rocking tracks about the miracles, the romance and the bleeding painful feelings bent or still finding cures of sweet curses flowing with Losing The Ground, Closer (My Love), New Dawn, Thru The Darkness and Grace – serving the cold season of broken-hearted and envy pleasing lusts or tragedy as Silence is Killing Me ensures that your pick upon this really worthy to the catalogs of solitude bleeding kisses of a dead lover. 


Saltriver Shuffle (Star Song 1992)

   Not too corruptible as not independent anymore as they’re used to be – these founding brothers whom seemed to liking Guns N’ Roses and Axl Rose much through their demos, projects and albums quintessential sold good but never really caught the glimpse of better lights of attentions from the many media in Heavy Metal and Hard Rock magazine as Dale and Troy Thompson leave their Matrix group to changing more acceptable name in Bride.

   High-pitched clean vocals and even the beats sounding similar to the sums for wild GN’R products you ever listen to but the glamour Hair Rock to Hard Rock cannot making them another dangerous band in the region even though still – it is some of the best record you might listening as taken from that era of Hair Metal decadence via Snakes in The Playground as the Bride quartet rocking out the edgy seminal glittering funky to crispy Goth-glam onto the power Pop Metal and right solos to turn you on to head-bang and drunk following the exact tracks recorded here on Psychedelic Super Jesus, Rattlesnake, Would You Die For Me, Fallout and Dust Through A Fan or Picture Perfect come aloud and fierce before they calling it quits too soon as the marking of Hair Rock’s fallen as well at the end of the early nineties. 

Snakes In The Playground:

Realize Youth (Red Skunk Recordz 1999)

   Super-group of all-stars incorporated crew founding this Germany-based Rock N’ Roll to Hard Rock band named Shameless with Alexx Michael, Steve “Sex” Summers of Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff’s Stevie Rachelle, Tracii Guns onto Brian Tichy and Eric Singer or Teddy Andreadis and Stryper’s Robert Sweet joining force to recording Backstreet Anthems as their debut. Whether it’s Alice Cooper or KISS attributes attached there as Tommy Wagner cranking the tracks like Strange Dayz, Backseat Action, You’re The One (I Want) through more catchy flaming Hair Rock and Pop-Punkish songs written together on What’s Goin’ On or more covers from The Beatles to Gene Simmons and co. here won’t spoiling the show as the game goes on.

Straight beats and good grooves, funky Velcro shouts and great solos to the standard drumming and the cheap talks like it’s LA at the finest times of Hair Metal sensation coming back on the recording album and spreading legs of a young babe in bed waiting for you to jumps in ! 

Backstreet Anthems:

The Descending (Arise Records 2003)

   Symphonic Rock quartet of Jens Klovegard, Joakim Jonsson, Magnus Eriksson and Pontus Jansson blasting the heat via their performance on being Axenstar as the band’s Speed Metal great ensemble will touching your epic moment through the second releasing in Far From Heaven as thus drumming double pedals and Heavy Metal rising tides energizing the listeners to love their faith back again as clean vocals and high techniques leading the awesome fast tempos onto the perfect measuring for imaginable in between spaces with stars and the universe expanding louder and rules your stereo system even when there’s no music sounds like them anymore around you – one still drifting within the excellent rock band musical recording on this one.

   You shall sing, air-guitar playing and progressively loving these rocking products for Infernal Angel, Don’t Hide Your Eyes, Abandoned, Children Forlorn and Northern Sky as thus choruses, riffs and verses giving most of the demands you ever wanted for Speed Metal in symphonies – once again opening the books of days and reclaiming the spot to the throne now. 

Far From Heaven:

Rodents Devil’s Inn (Heavy Psych Sounds 2018)

   Kerava – Finland darkside of the inverted snowy desert of eternal erupts the favorite Stoner Metal crew – Monsternaut to be your newer choice for loud heavy music picks today as vocalist/guitarist Tuomas Heiskanen, Pertuu Harkonen on bass and Jani Kuusela behind the drum-sets flaming the old house of the haunted on fire before quickly leave the damned place and driving out with the big red classic car as Enter The Storm sounded not really as Retro-Metal as Sludge Rock but closer to be described nearer onto Heavy Psychedelic or metallic tunes not suitable for horror but the Vikings heritage and comes bursting straight to ready rocking package there.

   Good vocals, two thumbs up riff-ages and tempos through the male mentality basic and no pussy-wimps must be involving with it rest the entire tracks-listed to pleasure your fucking ears like forever over Black Breath, Back To Universe, Anthem, Landslide or Filled With Vain ans well as Midnight – you naming them and you shall be fully blistering with what supposed to be called – guitars music and true Southern-based rocking from the North kind of sounds effective by addiction. 

Enter The Storm:

Quarto Piano (M.A.D Productions 2016)

   D.I.Y independent featured on Hardcore Punk and Skater anarchist or anti-social or even the both admirable paths collective crew founded in Cosenza – Italy as the trio of rocking Mario on guitars/voice, Attilio on drums/voice and Davidino on bass/choir loves to recording inside their room by then, destroying the stuff in it and inhaling bong all over the air as the short-timing duration limited EP record – the local lyrics and issues on Fourth Floor means that Shameless (band) isn’t your final stops here with La Reza, A Stento or In Prospettiva which written and cranking loud under the two minutes length really suits to the plan for kicking the bully guys whom hated Punk-Rock but didn’t know if this rebel music really can bites back like a rabid pitbull.

Fuck you – posers !!!

Fourth Floor EP:

Prophecy Arcane Mist (Metal Blade Records 2015)

   Capturing the spirits of the real traditional Heavy Metal through thus old-fashioned brutal barbarism attitudes brought by the race whom living across the eastern to the south below parts of Europe or France to Spain as being related to the mighty Viking or the elusive Celts; these warrior from the forests keep pushing the territory of the giant empire of Rome to the last limit of their capital and destroying it to the ground as the history watched it burnt by Visigoth but here the Salt-Lake City, Utah Speed Metal melodic group reveals a great story about The Revenant King like the finest era of the 80’s, 90’s and beyond even though there was a time for hard music being hated by the popular audience but gradually, still being picked the loyal fans just like the maintaining ritual for Blood Sacrifice, Iron Brotherhood, Mammoth Rider, Dungeon Master, Vengeance or Necropolis as intensifying to start a war-battle and spilling your enemies guts to the mother nature’s floor.

   Visigoth crew consisting for Jake Rogers, Jamison Palmer, Leeland Campana, Matt Brotherton and Mikey T doing epic performance from vocals of strong-hearts and brave licks and riff-age and whipping guitar solos to the driving drum-beats. 

The Revenant King:

Riding Dawn Healers (Not On Label 2017)

   Classic Heavy Metal rooted for the distinctive powers reclaiming down as bloodlines via the NWOBHM and Iron Maiden in their early years not too derivative but familiarly, came crossing as honest and fresh as tough combinations and beauty front woman off these New York band called Sanhedrin sounded like borough embodies to make rock and heavy metal keeps shining like a sharpen blade as Erica Stoltz, Jeremy Sosville and Nathan Honor may delivering something magic and full of force towards your stereo system and the listeners witnessing for this debut and soon becoming classic too – recording album of A Funeral For The World.

   Go have a great time head-banging or at least, serious about taking the trio much seriously as their musical means likely – a gorgeous, dangerous and mean in a very good fucking way just like the examples like Demoness, Collateral Damage, No Religion and Massive Deceiver – hailing the digest solos, standard and slower tunes as well as folklore to Satanism lyrics available to turning you on and crossing the line – leaving god’s territory and entering the magnificent gates of Lucifer castle. 

A Funeral For The World:

The Inheritance (Listenable Records 1999)

   Christianity can never changed the heritage and folklore in traditional non-monostheist/religious and modern day savior words and acts to baptizing the entire vast land of Norway as the territory will always be and shall completely – being under the ruling signs of old traditions and customs and the ancient beliefs that would not easily to be bend and cleansing by holy water or crosses as the symbolic frontier for Black Metal underground scene and genre lives healthy and wealthy there on the north while burning churches keeping them gnarling more and Crest Of Darkness is one of the bands which consisting for Inger Amlien, A.E Rattlehead, Arve Heimdal, Jan Petter Ringvold or Jarle Byberg or Rebo as since the early ninety-three until now for the third times releasing album records there over The Ogress mixing thus Black and Death Metal extreme brute beats to keyboards harmonium and crushers music sounds celebrating the marks of anti-christ was born and grinding harder through the presence of Eucharist, Two Thousand Years, Reference, Euphoria, Gift of Grace, Sweet Scent of Death and Her Crown tells us the story about the new ruler female force conquering the Christian kingdom as the deceptions and disguising makes the plan works to slay the heir, to replacing the traitors on top leaders and later, as the palace being ruined with sins, blasphemy and adultery – the blood-thirsty nephilim took over the throne putting their winged and horned evil deeds up there.

The Ogress:

Mama Sun Moon Run (Rocket Recordings 2017)

   Have you Talk To God for seven minutes and five seconds or longer ? or do you ever had a so called Time For Fun by listening to a returning particular releases of the Psychedelic Fuzz Alternative and Afro-beats onto Rock fusion as an Experimental group from Sweden which consisting for the leaders such as Capra Informis and Christian Johansson crossing the likes of insanity joy onto a blending Acid Rock, African Music and Psychedelic Pop as a new god arriving in front of you guys telling everyone to dancing like rockers and natives do since the beginning of time where humanoid implodes onto the sensation sensuality or rogue explicit not the lyrics but the signals captured inside Fuzzed In Europe and make the continent never look the same again after tasting Goat’s materials work here.
   I Sing In Silence and Gathering of Ancient Tribes seemed to reminding us about the mammoth hunters assimilates with the desert people for evolved to shine the next decade as a mature race. 

Fuzzed In Europe:

Baxter Hazel Two (Chillhop Records 2017)

   If you becoming a little bit famous on social media interests as soundcloud, facebook, youtube or even twitter and spotify but nobody ever hearing your name before that must be the itches that makes Brock Berrigan as the beat-makers or multi-instrumentalist off New York choose to changes his profiling character onto a rooster-creature whom aren’t kinds of the best dad around but the smoking man-chicken leads the materials working neaty over thus Chill-Pop meets Hip-Hop beats meet Rap Old-School Classic samples and experiments through Point Pleasant’s period for solitude, dedication, exploring sounds to debauchery as enjoyable jazzy and audible intoxication progress brought by this record as the godfather of all rooster family sits there and performing the finest classy tunes via Fax Machine, Angel’s Landing, Split Decision, The Look, Joy She Brings onto So In love as romantically as mentioned a so called a chilling beats landmarked not many miles from the big apple down-central neighborhood.

Point Pleasant:

Fao Musica (Underwater People Records 2011)

   Dream-Pop suburban attributes as background bringer for a lot more explanations and knowledge as the apprentice of Pink Floyd living seeds and Cocteau Twins grand-children served before the guitarist Toshio Masuda whom moving to America liking Hip-Hop commercial and soundtrack while violinist/singer Emilie Friedlander collaborating their intimated close relations and squall of violin to the laser-like synthesizer effects as straight-forward sounds of crashing drums to live swirling guitars creates the disparate elements of soft-pulse popular and traditional for Downbeat; floating onto spaces as female voices or percussions inside Actually (the album) from La Big Vic builds the short tunnel for chocolate of gold to flow and Heyo Silver Morning to Bobka Chocka to Chinese Wedding or LYNY carries orientalism Electronic are licking good for their harmony into the western Alternative Pop dreams.


Male Fantasy (Self-Released 2017)

Conceptual in vocals by the mysterious semi-sexy and hot strange Los Angeles singer/artists named Actually Huizenga as she been produced here by Antoni Maiovvi as the solo project new EP original works for Actually (as you may call it) reluctant to do more soft-touches side elements in proper and suitable mixture between Electro-Dance, Industrial-Pop and Punk tinged truthfully, might goes to entertaining you by hearing the good slower music but the lady in an extra-ordinary looks lying in the bed with blood spills and scary make-ups to singing your murder night after furious sex activities onto her and by her explicit and beyond your wildest imagination over Loving The Alien, Luxury, I’m On Fire and Come Undone show taken from the recording of Covered as the film soundtrack on The Art of Eating …


I Wanna Break You (Abra Fun Music 2018)

Mod of the sixties basic soulful Psychedelic Rock meets Blues hints as Happy Betty (percussion/vocals), Patrick Nagl on guitars/backing vocals, Danny Bianchi on bass to Balu the drummer hailed from the gorgeous city of Vienna - Austria in central europe closer to the alpen mountains and mastering this recorded EP as the countdown of 2-3-4! By Portabello Express. As getting older but never giving up to play music means that tracks like Just a Woman or Aim For The Sky might caught not just the nice artwork photography and layout by Werner Krause but as well the harmony in their sounds would energizing the rest of the boring bingo rooms and cheering up the retirement’s afternoon reunion cherished moments.


Friending Facebook (FIDIM Interactive 2011)

   Could it be the back-story about a stepson of Weird Al Yankovic the nerd-master and Eminem the rap god blasting the tube with their mixed DNA to produced this Gnome Sane ? recording as the ideas comes out off the Nerd-Core or Comedy Rap and Hip-Hop in popular culture gains by the Hardyston – New Jersey acts – Devo Spice.
   A demented themed tales with too much percentages of laughable tunes and flowing lyrics happening to be kinds of favorites beats to work-out crazy via Platform Wars, Half-Assed Rapper, Written on Twitter, Nothin’ But A Geek Thang, I’m Not Your Personal IT Guy as well as The Dumbest Song on Rock Band treating most of our brand new millennium days a shitty stories and I Hate Mondays still proclaiming as the week-day work anthem for the lazy-fucks/weirdy gang-blasters to cursing that particular day without seeing the entire nutty mode-on if you are one of the asylum patients not being released anymore since the late of ninety-eight. 

Gnome Sane:

Natural Scent (Self-Released 2017)

   Rawky Pop-Punk in a nearly, closing to more to say as Alternative Rock Indie and Lo-Fi rather than perhaps – Scrappy Pop tunes as surprising fresh for the songs from academic progressive or not getting famous tunes written by the scrog-artists of Portland, Oregon known as Person Be and releasing this Well I Wasn’t Just Going To leave It There artistically – reachable the cliff between thus depressive tunes and standard popular Goth-Grunge Indie tracks onto the energetic sophomore of non-artificial Jangle-Pop melodious creating the retaliations over the seven tracks like Overblown, Primates, When You Leave I Want To Add:, Room To Run and Higher Implications may given the audiences some memorable times to relates the past and the present good thoughts as making kindness must not that hard but forgiving yourself and your love will be as complicated as the weather changes for now on.

Well I Wasn't Just Going To Leave It There: