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Paper State (Fourth Dimension 2012)

Wrote himself up with the ancient language scripts that nobody understands but himself and cementing the underground collaborative sounds of the intense music works by himself as the disguises figure named Sion Orgon as experimenting the totality over Electronic-Ambient music, Folk-Pop and weirdo spells of humanity’s extinction aspects as the main achievers points to build this five minutes profounding modern and ancient tales in between to bridging the track number one – Into The Dark where showing us how the childhood dies inside your older aging skull waiting to explodes again even after you already rotted for centuries. 

Five minutes and eight seconds of beautiful side on the parts where one should re-writing the story for a different angle and here it is shared to the global music fans by the same titled record of extended play by Sion Orgon; feels haunting, colder or definitely, weaves something incredible inside your soul as creative and fascinating to be the next creator of mankind beliefs via the sounds. 

No vocals needed and keeping the instrumental music led by piano and harmony as being background by thus gloomy humming continuous low-tunes did breaks many feelings for listen carefully to this 7” release.


Culling Strength (Bandcamp 2015)

   These tattooed foursome of the low-profiling figures from South Carolina whom rather hiding their identities behind the forest animal head-trophies and skewed the rhythmic stitching of raw, exploration and loyal short-blades of bleeding Hardcore powerviolence onto Progressive Black Metal instrumental onto the Punkish acrobatic Math-Rock blunt force generation renew there as Josh Bumgarmaer on guitars, Alex Strickland on vocals, Paul Huff on percussion and Kevin Scruggs on bass mixing the bullet-strikes or scratched bangs off jagged six-strings and riding tremolo Grindcore onto the blends of armory weapons as songs right on the spot to crushing your friends and pathetic grumpy world to pieces must be related to the death experiences, metallic sounds explorers and occult-beliefs on En Theory.
Which Abacus meant to attacking the audiences within the increasing blitz maleficent liturgy of boost eruptions of hatred anger through Snake Eater, Gold Standards, Bodies of Water, A Figment and Nothing is Sacred – spitting the angst of a generation underground towards the cooperative realm of men rulers giving no shit to the poverty issues and cursed burden while switching places as insects and assholes. 

En Theory:

The Faint Pimps (Range Life Records 2007)

   The cast of rotated local musicians of Lawrence, Kansas including the head of this solo project Brendan Hangauer with Brendan Costello, Patrick Hangauer and Brian Costello to Adrianne Verhoeven or Kelly Hangauer and Steve Swyers deciding to put the Indie-Pop recording together by writing lyrics and music and arranging them all through the baptizing name of a group called Fourth Of July as the debut revelas here as Fourth of July On The Plains means the flight crossing one’s face of the travelers would loving to hear the rural/suburban area theme ideas on the track-list such as Why Did I Drink So Much last Night ?, Long Gone, Surfer Dude, In Debt, Purple Heart and She’s in love or Like a Tiger as well as Killer Bees – may temporary gives you the measurement for going ahead to greeting new days since the old ones being bad to your unlucky charms before. 

Those orange metallic sky and clouds tells you instantly, to Be Careful of what you wishing for and be wiser to choose your plans tomorrow. 


Titanus II (Shithead Records 2016)

   Currently located themselves in Cologne, Mulheim as known for others as Koln and the members consistency performance to do whatever they loved to do for rocking the blasts off the non-competition sounds over Stoner Rock and Desert-tunes of bluesy/semi-metallic in the standard tempos performed by bassist Hannes, guitarist Mengi, vocalist Georg and drummer Remy did much freaking well to let their first press releasing on the album record – Vieh became sold out.

   The outer-space buffalo-like beasts pulling the heavy burden of the planet letting the gravity losing controls for the moments and shakes the entire surface just like the screaming rawkin’ vocals and groovy bursts of solid riff-age to the thumping drum beats met the exclusive brute sweeping blow-back for alternate Psychedelic Stoner n’ Roll smells induced to your nose and other senses as Phiasco the band pulls the trigger within Erasing Rabbits with My Phaserlight, Ultimate Warrior, Back to The Future and Old Town reaching the intense live recording emotions that slumbers the concluded mission exploring and observations onto thus fine long jamming tricks for crazy audiences. 


Yam Yam (Bandcamp 2017)

   Soothing harmonic softer kinds of formatted melodies for the genre tuning favorites over Dream Pop, Indie Soul or Alternative Pop delivery sentence on the thematic verses of broken-hearted tales or piece of the summer holiday experiences that needs to be shared with the listeners whom liking or knowing the band – No Vacation which having the strangest member names so far here like Harrison The Hammerhead, Superstar Sab, Lil Nubs Mars and Natty Ice would be the type of subgenre teams hailed themselves from the union spots off Brooklyn and San Francisco giving their self-written gravy wavy musical of independent female soft harmony vocals and male kindness touch as the line-up changes or the hiatus didn’t really put them to totally, unconscious but these good vibes along the released mini-album entitled Intermission should spreading thus amazing delighted five tracks of romance without the answers as well as being captures onto You’re Not With Me, Mind Fields and Reaper. 

Empty studio’s room and abandoned records lying on the floor means either a good thing just happened there or another tearing night occurs back to the lonely souls of the music players. 


Ergo Cassiopeia (Self-Released 2018)

   Polish team on Progressive Rock and Post Metal communion calling themselves as Cereus is the more modern and ultimate methods not theories while your ears might catching the small explosions of melodic here and there while having a conductive mission for taking time on listening to ten songs available inside the tight tied-up female figure over Dystonia LP project. 
Thus glimpse of the favorable sounds similar to the band’s influenced names of the old and new bands from the same or different genre of types like Marillion to A Perfect Circle and Peter Gabriel to Neurosis made these Warsaw rock-heads taking their own personal issues or primary scientific themes and the creations of genesis-like background within thus distinctive unique vocal colors and high techniques through either Icarus, Cogito, Ocean, Kraken King, Requiem and Sum; senselessly – blistering the hearing rooms of those whom liking to play the band works without too much prejudice. 
   From Michal Dabrowski on vocals, Pawel Sikora on guitar/ambient, bassist Konrad Pawlowski and drummer Maciej Caputa to Patryk Wozniak (guitar, electronic) mixing the real tuning progressions colony by as many elements suits to the merge music that comes out from the album. Believe in the sounds and progress – people !

Dystonia LP:

Unsterblich (Electrola 2017)

   Local heroes that must be famous to the national wide level with their written lyrics in German language playing the essential Pop-Rock made aus European area that you might didn’t really heard it nowadays anymore is the perfect timing brought back again by Brings comprising the members as Peter Brings on vocals/acoustic guitar, Stephan Brings on bass guitar, Kai Engel (accordion, keyboards) lead guitarist Harry Alfter and Christian Blum on drum sets off Cologne having their fantastic times since the early nineties periods onwards onto such of many shows and several Pop festivals or events in their Kolsch dialect sounds and some might loving how the band creates their repertoire so far on the latest record entitled – Liebe Gewinnt as singing the opener seminal ballad pop to the disco-pop catchy performance on Wo Bis Du, swinging the slow prom romance via Wunder and its story; the funky tunes approves via Mer Freese Die Stadt and slow jangling Cha-Cha popular tune came for Immer Nor Zo Dir which might coloring your birthday party and the drinking time with closest friends – leaving you feel lucky to light up the thrown bouquet have the simple lives and more people who care about you not because your money but for you’re really are to support them … 

Liebe Gewinnt:

Venom Hangover (Bandcamp 2012)

   Cool boost-blasts of freaking rocks of fury instrumentals by the quartet of Juan Montoya (guitar), Evan Diprima (drums), C.J Ridings (bass) and Thomas Gonzalez (guitars) inside this American Baby recording produced by the group - Stallone and engineered by Craig Carlson shall be your automatic fiddle rhuthmic pressing album to listen on the driving through the road of the lesser-known area as the intensity and the expanding riff-age fuzz has completely turning on the senses with thus suspense and tricky metallic Doom meets Stoner and Sludge within; surely – that these fine rock tracks of non-vocals still brings you depressive of Atlanta, Georgia's energetic in the time where most of ordinary people would feel tired and boredom. 

Go cranking Ancient Infant, The Battle of Miami and Tight Like Tigers for the further beyond recognition adds for indie hooks delivering as The Mooney Suzuki’s cover blasts too. 

American Baby:

Wie Lime Solace (709910 Records DK 2017)


   Not too similar close on the roundabout within the like for (either) The Cardigans or The Carpenters but with the duo interests on swimming, hiking, composing music and lounging times perhaps, the Alternative Retro-Pop futuristic recorded by Julia and Roland Wolff of Huckelhoven, Los Angeles might giving you an access to entering the lovely romantic world of this siblings started and touring their own shows like no other including from this performance through the twelve songs for their album – Endymion.

   Riviera - the duo's name kept a floating rhythmic and selection for softer tunes to go not monotonously boring but entertaining like sugar candy with enough dosage to lift you up to air while listening the rainy walls of popular tuning melodic and vocals harmony within There is No Limit, Cortisone Shot, Forced into Buildings or Stellar in a Crowded Room to Mermaid – definitely sounding infinitive to catch due to the enclosing week where’s nothing concluded to do better to make you happy but the start-up with this record shall giving you something to rely on for the next days on the summer peak countable of 200 days in a year. 


Serious Teacher (Independent 2015)

Nuremberg’s rock show unit consisting for Caro, Kurt, Eric W and Michi glancing out within the interlocking classic compositions turned out to be your favorite Glam Rock and Punk-Pop swirling tempos upon the opener tracks from the same title album of Dollhouse by these Brunhilde (group) only can comprising you to listening more of them later. Sexy lewd and crude straight to rock the sock-off music really comes certain as the solo guitars made a calling for clamps applause and slow head-bang towards the works of the band fronted by that blonde hot female singer and sounding like the old troops off LA finest Hair Rock/early Alternative Rock or closely, not related to any comparison to The Pretty Reckless in short terms. Listening to their preposition offers there via Drive Like a Maniac, I Wanna Do Bad Things, Second Class onto Kill me or even Machine Gun and Never Die for more highlighted rocking fusion and non-commercial Rock N’ Roll fashion designs all the way down to tattoo parlor or Soul Trip streets by the bashing grooves.


Park Place (Self-Released 2008)

Created every fusion and the twisted turns over the weedy sounds but you can still calling it music of course, especially the one whose loving your genre of Electronic Pop-Punk must be liking this members of Romie Romak (vocals, theremin), D. bene Tleilax (programming, live keys) Tlr on bass guitar onto Rogie Lucero the drummer also didn’t forget to mention of some more ex-soldiers around the group steps like Cabbage, David Tunnell, Scarlett D to Righteye Chavez and Zane Chleboun formed this effective strangeness figures playing seminal rock music as RoMak & The Space Pirates (RATSP) largerly misunderstood and hated but their outfit always be expressive and fully critics-proof with handful on bizarre ideas against non-network spot of television poison-candies leading you addicted and get fat and died in pain – so stop consuming and start to creating.

Dead space squid and make-up filling colors might not abusing the entire shows performed on Attack Of Has-Been Androids crashing the celluloid alien-worshiping party via the groovy Graphite Will Grovel, Alpha-Generic, I Invented You, Retirement Song as well as That’s Right (Dissatisfaction of The Squid) or Social Climber comes to your room without permission secretly like the NASA mission to Jupiter as one cannot avoid to be really affected by the group modern chanting closer to LGBT scene. 

Attack of The Has-Been Androids:

Venality, Avarice (The Sin Circle 2013)

   Even he’s leading the sin circle brand as president and owner; the affiliation for becoming a musician still cannot keep the apparel motion as full time artists on performing the latest metallic Heavy Trap and emotional Rock as being Etienne Sin figure computing the regardless reborn for no regrets singing thus highest tunes and pitched perfect of proclaiming Pop-Screamo Metal and glam-sparks all in one definite combinations and recording sessions as focused and dope by the results to several listeners and more jock-ers as well as fully criticizing mass of media and magazines to whether then supporting the movements or hating it to the triple daring guts of worst curses never to touch the products of this newer rockstar/howlers liking the man – Sinna as he represents.

As official grown up fans of perhaps, Axl Rose developing the higher techniques for Metalcore as successful as the wolf’s laughter under the lunar motions for The Paradox Divide record bursting as much clever moves and growler acts within Run Away in Silence, Lust Dancer, The Cartographer and Your Scene is Dead (Ft. Desdemona) avenging thus speeding screamer production by Jonah Telyas and blasting performance by the solo project.

The Paradox Divide:

Rouge D’Isis (Nuclear War Now! Productions 2010)

   Traditional Heavy Metal and Doom Rock blends pronouncing here for the debut recording from a Montreal, Canada distinguished musical du metallic as mystical French singing language and the sophomore gloomy depressive taken from too much listening on early Saint Vitus or Jex Thoth upon the sensual hot but deranged scary feelings drawn for on how you look at the lead vocalist in a female form over Annick Giroux with Andres Arango, Francois Patry, Vavier Berthiaume and Patrick Pageau or Tooth Log as Cauchemar and their Hard Rock influences to bring the straight horrific rock sounds through the first recording of La Vierge Noire which combining thus Doom Metal and Goth-glamour affiliates balance but introducing more daily Modern Nu-Metal menus diet for the audiences to listen and goes head-banging like crazy as the mysterious and dark magic terms on Valse Funebre, Les Ailes De La Mort and Le Gardien De La Terre means dangerous turmoil awaits for you ahead by the dark and sponsored by the demon, dragons and serpent lair dwellers themselves loving to hear the hypnotic vocals of sexy Mademoiselle Giroux.

La Vierge Noire:

Beauty Of Queen (Hollywood Waste 2012)

Personally you might welcoming these gorgeous handsome blood-sucking crew of Los Angeles proclaiming and proud to be a non-born but loyal metallic heads liking much for The Lost Boys and the methods and life influences about Vampires Everywhere! as Aaron martin, Alexander Hernandez, David Darko and Michael Orlando with Charles Phillip Anthony surely, becoming your sweetest nightmare not just for interviewing but got bitten twice and more but never turning you shy because nobody mess and needs to be equal while the bloodsuckers are all over you on the loose.

Power solos and gruesome shoots and shitting blasphemous tricks on Heavy Metal mixed with Emo-Screamo and Metalcore as being baptized by the unborn and the virgin bleeding ritual sessions made the recording number two from them – Hellbound and Heartless seems to be a good wasting out of the sewer drops of Motley Crue meets W.A.S.P spawning more bastard children sleazing or slashing your sense of hearing via II: The Inferno, Star of 666, Kiss of Death, Unholy Eyes onto Plastic and Social Suicide to Anti-Hate as well as their cover version honoring the day of Kurt Cobain as a rock messenger through Rape Me and there’s nothing good for tracing them after feeding party done over a young hot cheerleader or a local model or even a police-woman and soon the globe shall watching more killing and murders influenced also by Marilyn Manson’s deeds as the thirst has taking over the youth energy by possessive. 

Hellbound & Heartless:

Affair Dice (The Sin Circle 2011)

   Dark-haired loner girl with big talents for becoming the self-inflicted song-writer and music arranger and later on turning up to be the queen off the new York empire of the independent record label as been under the influences and direct manager Etienne Sin as the consuming releases for her reflection consciousness as Desdemona and thus sexy Alternative Rock vocals that’s going to reminded you on Fiona Apple so yes, liking her and listen to the record completely.
   Thus Goth-Pop and Indie Rock from the form local soul living in Columbia, South Carolina before the big apple hypnotizing everyone to migrates as Lost in The Valley of Devils celebrates the incoming gloomy wedding day as the bride looks rather haunting than happy with the sophomore musical mayhem for soft rock operatic and beliefs there played by the credited Ginger DeLoach with percussionist Josh Kean, Kenny McWilliams (guitar, piano, bass), Chad Rochester (bass) and Don Russo )guitars, slide guitar) preserving the good points brought by Bluesy and Western Gothic influences over the Alternative Rock pageant pole weeping as thus terrifying logic songs like One Hand on The bible, Feel My Pain, Undone, Riding Out of Memphis, In The Desert of Fire and Ice or Season of War – enclosing the problematic issues written there as a memorial of one single breath returning to ashes and another born out to see the planet and the phenomenon continues in melodic harmony and dark beauty consent ...

Lost In The Valley of Devils:

Eye Of The 7 Tiger (Self-Released 2008)

   Sprinting towards the eager for commencing the spirit of Heavy Metal extremities for the United Kingdom community or scene really infinite to pushed these real metal-heads musicians like Charlie “The Knife” on guitar, Mark “The Mauler” Hutson on vocals, Pablo “The Snoot” for drums, Ricard Vladimir (aka Apocalypse Al) on guitar, Dave “The Chef” Hutson on guitar and Battle-Damage Davies the bass player combining the powerful explosive bending force to breaking neck and Death/Black Metal alliance and hardcore S&M influences over the reality for Attack Of The Ten Masked Men that the most materials aren’t the original written lyrics or arranging crazy insane music to butchering people but the jokes for covering some chosen of the most loveable chart-buster hits from the mainstream world strapping you in a dignity and pleasure to or not to liking the crew of Ten Masked Men. 
Death Grind and devouring Heavy Metal hooks or riffs can be found easily through the popular songs alike Gangsta’s Paradise formatted in Deathcore or All Rise cheesy dominates the heavy dosage grinding stereo to torn the healthy people apart just like the horny buster hyper-ballad crushing on Careless Whisper fits the broken killing romance of suicide act as the teaming unit watching the invasion of some greenish alien beings going thrashed for listening them play. 
   The crack in the egg or your sanity has been totally, fucked up this time and whether you going to find or buy or didn’t really fucking care about the band operating system to bursting more molten version of metallic cover for Push It To The Limit, Rasputin of ABBA or  La Isla Bonita and the hard working metal-heads making their creativity works fine for destroying more cheesy lame songs you used to dislike to be sounding freaking cool by the rocking effects as Easy Lover like Mark or Dave or the black-leather masked horny rockers behind them.

Attack Of The Ten Masked Men:

Vellular Bognitive (Dronativm 2016)

   Based on one of the most mysterious book ever written in the history of our old times planet secrets – The Voynich Manuscript baptized since Wilfrid dealing to purchased the book in 1912 while carbo-dated to be written during the renaissance of Italia finest era remaining of illustration diagrams wrote from left to right as popular imagination cryptographic and strange hypotheses seems to be odd, mysterious and speculative. 
As this Legiac project formed by the names of talented Cor Bolten, Don Funcken and Roel Funcken are coming back to producing the re-searching and background mystic around the book within Ambient textures and glitch-infused of Electronic affection within Legiac process proposal of sounds here. 
   A dream-daze days and transforming sonic environment for the thirst of visiting and reading via vast soundscape for the 15th century hand-writing manuscript codex to be unlocked in subsequent rotations as ordinary habitat through these eleven tracks listed in ethereal instrumental eerie haunting as mysterious to make your body-heir rising in sudden via Sirius Of Procyon, Troven Briangular, Inzantum Feaner, The Din Skided onto Jefre Tropod and Ambikythera Mechanism comes and go crossing your brain cells and hearing membranes like the unknown spiritual from another dimension breaching the wall of present days’ defenseless fortress of mankind.

The Voynich Manuscript:

Laudatio Funebris (A Smack In All The Mouth 2010)

   Syringe slashing noise of distortions beliefs to be a cure for emptiness and disbelieved upon your realm living must be became a cause of cost for this one-man project of Extreme Black Metal melodic and progressive Ambient Doom sequences on Belial’s behalf performance over guitars, effects and voices sent out through the dark assembly reaction vibrating  out of Madrid. For the love of ancient supernatural supreme beings and full length record it is a privilege to representing the Poenarian Mist of We Are Gods where the keyboards and synthesizers and live drumming forcing the audiences to either covering the ears or head-banging for mutual satanic beliefs as the giant nephilim king mating with the white female human slave breeding non-innocence and blasphemous children of the night between angels and insects mutated over Heavy Metal darkness themes story-tale like Lamia Phutura, Piece of Peace, Thorn, Winterludium or The War Within as everything started by sins rooted onto centuries beyond bringing the mistakes to be over populated and misused in many ways … 

We Are Gods:

Quaaludes Russian (Not On Label 2016)

   Drug Rock palace interlude read the signs being sent by the butthole surfers’ convention meeting committee to your stereo system as the trio of Frank Garymartin (drums), Gary Chester (guitar, vocals) and Nathan Calhoun (bass, vocals) certain wondering hell debunk onto Punk Rock and Grunge metal perversions which reminding the audiences not just about stupidity creates by Prankster sounds in the nineties but well behaviour of high tuning effects of soloist brilliance to the tinged folk-rockish vibes of vocals like Soundgarden did well in their times. The Austin, Texas’ three-piece crew of We Are The Asteroid releasing this self-titled record as they’re arrived on a giant rock from other universe getting ready to impregnates as many female on the planet for their seeding spreads due to Psychedelic Noise Art-Rock songs like Twitch, Condo and Blood Reduction onto Crazy Devil Sex and Future Gods lose the grip on Bad Rope ... 

If one feel lucky to surviving the crash listen to the album immediately !


Proctor Ignition (Electronic Purification 2017)

   Not many Synth-Wave and Dark-Electronic of retro greater to be sounded closest to the resemblance that you might thought you’re being abducted to the time machine and carried back to the 80’s inspiring and encapsulates things familiarly, awesome like Ascension opening the ears for the displaying sounds over the recording session from Meteor of Medellin, Colombia surprisingly – courageous and rhythmic about to giving you a free stands for then, dancing silly and crazy over the groovy beats and old percussion samplings managed the blending disguises on death as human soul beings. Contact, Death Race (Round 2), Of Steel and Stone as well as Indelible Shadow brought by Inner Demon carries most of the tests control like battle of ourselves against worst unleashed acts not to condemn extinction or forcing to seek better trip to migrates into other worldly parts unknown like Jorge Reyes messages to Elon Musk theory made over mid-tempo on New Wave Synthesizer loving Dark outrun Rock video-gaming pulses from inside your television age. 

Inner Demon:

Scarewolves (Bandcamp 2015)

   Loyal to the roots heritage of the group’s background mission to play some kind of Traditional Heavy Metal balance off rocking hardest through the pointy placing of themselves locked in a lodge in Dundas perhaps, from the early years somewhere in June to November as song-writing and music arranging from Adam Peach on vocals/guitars, Brandon Thomas (guitars), Max Colavecchia performing bass guitar bash and Stew Frontzak (drums) completing their skillful recording somewhere and let the finishing touch off original album artwork by Kenneth Gallant reveals how the band might getting crossed the gate of time traveling or send something from the future among them presence like The Terminator robotic called masters Of Destruction trying to battle the music and rock performance of Python the unit from Toronto, Ontario and here you can be the quality judge for qualification or just head-bang your freaking heads following this Heavy Metal tracks – Survive Another Night or Too Young To Die in standard vocals, rhythmic and riff/solos available through techniques, influences and technology combines. 

Masters Of Destruction:

The SP Cabin (Fuzzorama Records 2014)

   Stepping out and closely, short timing to check by going up carefully, even when you’re not real humanoid at all but fox people still that something threatening by the curious sounds upstairs in the attic means danger for the living sometimes.

   With the painted decorating house-walls and black cat pet measuring that the open portal in front of you means a good gate to getting through from the boring life here in this world onto the better one or time traveling through space universal among the stars won’t be an escape like you wanted to except the rocking music for the background soundtrack right there played by the Alternative Hard Rock and Stoner Metal crew of Graz, Austrian rock-heads team consisting on “desert mountain session” lovers like Michael Hirschmugl, H.P Leitner, Bernhard Weigl and Daniel Dorninger before the decision came to change the name into Witchrider as their sleep paralysis musical style makes you rode a broom-stick with a real witch claiming the direction which where to go pointing the victim house inhabitants disguising onto something natural with a distortion extorts punching your face and belly over solos and melodic verses within I’m Outta Breath, The Fog or Far From You as well as OCD and Black. 

Overwhelming scratch fight. 

Unmountable Stairs:

Find You Love (Bandcamp 2018)

   Yet, more weird management turning the generations left behind like an orphan entering the late nineties era by the flower power lies and depends on nobody but themselves and for Rock Music with today’s sparkling feelings of joy and excitement that life still good for the modern era as coded bursting fragments and worried looking sounds must be attached one to another where Jesse Livingstone, Chris McMaster, Michelle Bailey and Andrew Diaz taken with them via the group musical forming from their ideas and purposes as The Far Stairs from Denver, Colorado and planting wilderness themes from haunted outpost in the middle of the remote forest, invisible forgotten islands or glowing heights of rim of the world kinds of harmony jitterbuggy choirs and catchy Jangle-Pop on through Synth-Electro Indie music album of Figure One.

Beautiful, peaceful but smarter to leads someone on the positive sightings of views for looking down more before looking up and compares while listening those following context mission in sweeter formats via Everyone I’ll Never See Again, The Shining Hours, Murmur or Going To Phoenix and Adventure Rockets Ship for Robyn Hitchcock cover to buy and love. 

Figure One:

Piosenka Niczym (Spook Records 2007)

   Consisted of Grzegorz Screider on guitars, Filip Priewski on drums, Kuba Ziolek for screaming and bass playing to Lukasz Jedrzejckzak for the main screaming vocals are the complet destruction package on Alternative Hardcore and metallic crushing music from the Polish local band – Sora! Releasing the insane short duration in titles of Sora! Sora! Sora! as your ten tracks of fast and destructive protests for the global bad maintenance really kept in formidable choices onto local lyrics but having the causal effects for international needs in making sure that corporate leaders won’t dare to do something stupid to their people or the masses will rising up and fighting back as the gasoline drum being ready to lighten up by firing words flicks like these tracks from Sora! – Dmowski, Gaz Izawiacy, Shikari Robot Wars, Piasek onto (((((((((( ! )))))))))) (meaningless ?) as well as Warszawa taken from Joy Division song as cover here. Hardcore Punkish colliding features might actually kept the flame of revolution in smaller parts and beyond – breathing to bite !