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Zine Festival Stamps (Stonewalled 2017)

Produced and engineered by Pete Grossmann with Daddy doing the lyrics written and vocals performance while Candy did the rest of the guitars, bass, back-up vocals, drum programming and arrangements along with no babies were harmed during the making of this recording as an oddballler duo or scatter-brainy piece of hailing shitty outer reached spacing but interesting as well as they providing the Devo impersonator from Chicagoland to the precious short riff-age heritage from Joey Ramone and co. throwing the Pop-Punk expands silliness and fun syndrome politically by humor and tumultuous as one of those American’s bad-asses crew debuting for Precious Moments In The USA by Bad Mechanics collectively, cranking the catchy tunes like Social Obligation, You Drink LaCroix, Vote Jaffray, Must Be The City and DiCaprio Hit a Baby onto Daddy’s Pasture – telling you the daily filthy issues and news around the bench of park where people gossiping or telling something truth but still – conspiracy walks on free and your sexual orientations being questioned for the hundred times for being a punk liker !

Precious Moments in the USA: