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Zapoi Origami (Infine 2017)

Erwan Castex shines his works as soon the grabbing ideas hitting thus probably, mixture blend for Electronic experimenting music by the French producer creating the Techno Ambient melodic at the most receptive ears to put their attentions onto the results as originally and temporary joining the performance with some of those quality names around the similar genre would lifting himself as Rone in musical just like the likes for Laurent Garnier, Massive Attack, Pantha Du prince and DJ Hell as Mirapolis suddenly – being released after a while over the previous works out of the project named Rone and IDM to Techno to the touch of Downtempo/Hip Hop and Ambient by the techniques been giving birth as these twelve tracks recorded and arranged in careful and artistic by the man himself with the advance technology helps as well.

That’s why – this mesmerizing Mirapolis might be dedicated to those thoughts and surroundings where new millennium spawning new generations of music lovers different from the past decade ones and the laser beaming eyes could enlightening and healing the emptiness inside as hoped as sparkling colors and delights modernism cannot taking away music from human being daily needs nowadays. Spank to Switches (feat. Baxter Dury), Faster (feat. Saul Williams), Lou and Brest or Down For The Cause (feat. Kazu Makino) snap-chatting the messages within winds and electronic connections all over the globe tonight.