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Young Again (University Of Life 2015)

   Some might finding the reason to come back and listening this recording album again – for many more times since the first chance you did it. Maybe it’s because of the paying homage, delightful rhythmic or artwork pays of style music that’s being pointy creating by this duet of Pop-Synth Gents from Copenhagen. 
Embrace The Future sounding popular but closer to the listed New Wave era transitions onto modern millennium ears did not mentioned quite enlarge for them to adding too much causal new sounds but digging deeper their heritage of oldies beats and presence from the late dying scene turning back to live as Oskar Hanak did the artwork and the photograph of the duo seemed to reminding you about how good Embrace The Future reacts to the displaying a similarity of gay couple in love and romance which actually – is not what these duo really looks as they’re. 

Licked those Shipwreck, Circles, Love is Tears and Whole New Life needing no permission from Theis Vesterlokke and Neils Ferjskov.

Embrace Th Future: