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Wounds Battle (Bandcamp 2017)


Hamburg’s Atmospheric Black Metal and filling their themed musical tracks with depressions, cosmos, drugs to philosophy and who knows what else they’re invited towards the legal claimed releasing for the band’s themselves – Morphinist as one of the newer Stoner Metal that having a very fucking good performance and the music that sounded fits for the Desert Rock community elsewhere.

The actual story about this Morphinist would shocking US governments which denying the political ideas can bring the riots against cops to the loathing as the duel single hits really making the hundreds of spectators on the front-side also being entertains with thus feast’s of eyes. Develop they’re must but leaving some of their intensive care for not showing mercy anymore. 

The deer or the aliens attacking women will always sending freshness after relocated through your eleven minute second track The Demons of Doubt which reappearing to kill and the echoes just bombing your fucked up news on the TV but - Follow The Grain. 

Wear the deer bones or be a skull and be very very angry. 

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