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Wither/Reptilian II (Self-Released 2009)

   Experimented unnatural signaling beats of progress and mysterious passionate for non-lyrics and instrumental sounds made by the technique of some mechanical equipment and ideas of biological beings through the seemingly, an odd moustach picture logo fronting the glowed sun-like thing and opening the system over the monotonous sampling sounds and standard groove-tuning on Hexagons comes to leave the audience later after the six minutes and twenty-two seconds just like as well Yalan the track that lasted from five minutes and eighteen seconds long after the second song appearance by the glimpse of Leaf/Shadows Of Minotaurs expels the caution focus for the listeners that waited in vain for the humanoid vocals to show.

   Dutch East indies Trading Company gave the experience for their experiment musical Electro-Pop without thinking much about the commercial aspect so – no bother to have this if you just looking for another mixing cheesy popular Electronic spreading and not about this recording. Porcelain Minotaurs ‘Locust Halo’ is in fact, a Jason Kohnen’s Dark-Jazz Ensemble with Dubstep and Breaks as thus heavy bass-lines, ethnic drums or percussion and variety interludes forming only noise experimentals as darkened unique.