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Wise Speed Dealer (Ripple Music 2017)

   From thus Southern swagger system to rocking hard borrowed from Molly Hatchet or ZZ Tops to the Classic Heavy Metal tinged sounds off UFO or Iron Maiden and deadly riffs out of Iommi legacy really can make the Dallas, TX group formed by the brothers of Juett: Kelly and Kyle (bass, guitar, vocals) with drummer Judge Smith playing their coolest blending of Stoner meets Southern Metal meets Classic Hard Rock and straight to guitar-land six strings rocking mode sounds that making you won’t let them go again from your collections. 

   The album of Mothership’s third studio releasing – High Strangeness didn’t sounded strange  at all but remarkably amazing like your ultimate soundtrack of the epic hero stories went awesome with the total juggernaut onto universal cosmos intergalactic unites heavy rock real sense in a blast demanding hard noise tracks like Ride The Sun, Midnight Express, Crown of Lies to Helter Skelter as the freedom waving on Heavy Metal flag high once again for the legacy of the federations. 

High Strangeness: