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Wild Rites (Blackest Ever Black 2013)

   The usual suspected themes formed from this solo project of musical term creatively made colder by the hands of idealistic girl Camella Lobo; on romance, devotion, pain and helplessness to those unequally proving of longing/awaits of faith, mystery and misery resulting the sensual psychedelic pieces mixed of these wintery season’s selective Goth/Electro/Synths/ Indie/Pop to the impossible persuasive echoing tunnel sounds you’ve never heard before on this releasing form Tropic of Cancer that written, composed and recorded by Camella Lobo and Taylor Burch aka V West on Restless Idylls in Los Angeles which sounding expansive, sexual, night-tinged activates to the inner-possessive messages over the slower lazy and cold victimized beats burst warmth and stole it away from your side. 
No gladness will prevails after you listening to Plant Lilies at My Head, Court of Devotion, Children of A Lesser God to The Season Won’t Change (and Neither will You); leaving any mortals to struggling over the cause results on loving too much.  

Restless Idylls: