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Web Slight 1664 (Candlelight Records 2015)

   Kharkiv, Ukraine protégé of paganism, mysticism, local history and legends as well as nature themes written by the Black Metal alliance unit taken the background name from the Slavic god of the sun and light – Khors declaring themselves a non-political group not like most people thoguth them to be one of those right-winged nationalist where Khorus (bass), Khaoth (drums), Helg (guitars, vocals) and Jurgis (guitar, vocals) recording the sixth albums for them calling it Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours as most local languages can translated to English through the terrorizing horrific nightmare and destructions over Dead Birds Valley, No Oaths No Tears No Knees !, Following The Ways of Blood and For The Last Time; shall completing the darkened tales being re-told for the passing generations about the ancient legends surroundings the mysterious forest and solitude land of the country of Cossack kingdom communion. 

Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours: