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Wayfarers Tides Deep (Pee Records 2011)

   Likely, combining the shredding fast riffs and tempo with smart hooks of Bad Religion or ALL while the presence of emotional Screamo-Core emerges here through the works of these Rome, Italy unit of Melodic Hardcore and Skate-Punk band Jet Market which consisting of Agostino Vallebona, Alessandro Gavazzi, Daniele Berretta, Giancomo Gabrielli to Matteo Gobessi and Roberto Stranieri packed in one package of listenable to the cracking bursts of anger in lyrics or songs provides by the group. Like being trapped inside the hell-hole surrounded by monstrous creatures feeding upon man’s flesh and souls; Jet Market describing Sparks Against Darkness as about modern life a rubbish as it is where smarter titles and themes being choose to be splendid-ly showing the characters as well as the background story of either honesty or ambiguity through 15 Hundred Miles for A 15 People Show, You Can Always Make My Day, Don’t Say You Sorry Because You’re Not, Aiming High or lam Attempts At improving A lost Art way down to Myth Became Legend, Legend Became History straight attacking many and spreading philosophy to advance developing minds to consuming the food for thoughts in a correct way.

Sparks Against Darkness: