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Vietnamita (Bandcamp 2017)

   Dream-scapes femme nouveau and World Music combines based on one single ideas from this girl named Josi Arias of Buenos Aires – leaning her solo project baptized as Agua Viva as crystallized drops of Piece Of Water within those Gothic Pop from Southern Hemisphere of Summer inspired or influences related to tropicalia of the 90’s Pop and murky mystical energy of the river as being helped by Victoria Coccaro on bass, keyboardist T. Garrat, Antu Cifuentes for backing vocals as well as Josi herself providing the performance play over guitars, keyboards, electronic drums and lead vocals which sounded ethereal and sophisticated but haunting. Go taste onto Cheap Perfume, Menino Do Rio, Hardly Move and Ghost In Town for more experiences around the lyrics story by the hand palm.

Piece Of Water: