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Victory Laps Lennon (Independent 2016)

   For those who likes comics, graffiti and illustrative collaborations good news is coming atcha as artists artworks like Avant Raw meets john Pham, Gangster Doodles, Alex Schubert or Benjamin Marra or Kid Acne provides not only drawings portraits or tags re-interpreted fusing through Electronic Hip-Hop beats and Rappin’ samples into tapes where Chicago-based visualized and producing this Spectacular Diagnosis dripping works dense and hyper-colored meticulously, details along the pulses for accompanying soundtrack sounds right here. All tracks mixed by inquires Spectacular Diagnostics as mastered by K-Kruz for eco-system rhythmically predominant guidance for your futuristic slabs of crackling, squelching and dusted oddities inspiring via selected raps by Chester Watson, Nolan The Ninja or Snubnose represents as Illinois black music experimental scene giving birth and bursts good funny stuff through My Synthesizer feat. Milo, Automatic Art, Spice Boys, Modern Times, Plain and Simple, Curses feat. Chester Watson or Late Fees feat. Snubnose Frankenstein. Kinds of your favorite gaming themes compilation made a star starts by the Hip-Hop flavor.

Avant Raw: