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Uncorruptible Poison (Pop Up Records 2012)

   Based in Vancouver, Canada means business while the interesting facts that they’re influenced heavily by the works from NIN, Quicksand, Deftones, Pixies to Failure and Radiohead must be a good direction where the grilling distorted musical stands for and ended unwell. R. Sorensen for the guitars/vocals/others just like being completed by Scott Davies on percussion/guitars/others drawing the potential threats from the hidden crash site of Soundtrack For An Ascension for this Satellite Tragedy’s screaming moments recording there as the planet receiving more and more final threats by the misconceptions of failed missions or secret projects from the outer space to thus Alternative Rock presentation over Bees, Walk Left Stand Right, Alien Assessment, I’m Not Really Here onto Whales and Sea Monsters to Spontaneous Human Combustion – may cranking the dumbness out of you and letting the ears melting within the ferocious melodies and solo choruses plan blast strikes ! 

Soundtrack For An Ascension: