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Tuan January 15 (Granada Records 1996)

   Poorly, Last Few Minutes of used to know as LFM might be an example of the nineties local bands from Indonesia which actually, creative and strictly, giving their ideas written for more social issues around thus questioning with hard answers for the generations or people finding their ways before climbing up back from the hole but as the name said – they’re meant to be die too soon but the heritage kept within this recording debut and laso the last album from them as consisting for Ridho Hafiedz (electric and acoustic guitar, bass and backing vocals), Ari Malibu (lead and backing vocals, mandolin, harmonica) with Adam Joswara (electric & acoustic guitar, backing vocals) as being helped by some other local musicians with talents like Aminoto Kosim, Rere, Geery Herb and Billy J Budiharjo surfacing their “newer” improvements to reacts as Grunge and Alternative Rock starts to ruling the global attentions and LFM includes the tripping tracks with those influences taken from seminal Pearl Jam or other Seattle sounds movements for Waktu where you might hearing some preference that bursting spontaneity and honest lyrics spreading within artistic performance as listed there on eleven songs. Bahasa lyrics and good sense of musical interludes or choruses for listeners to grab their shares while cranking this up truly is aware and caution in the making and spawns Pesan (Message), Hidup Tuk …, Suara Jiwa (Soul Voice), Rasa and Hati can be reactively, describing how short the minimum smart moves over titles made by the band but heavier stories attached through their tracks.

They’re brilliant and clever trio with unfortunate events and time schedules to showing up to public as the era turns again and drowning them but never the great legacy off this record.