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Tree N’ Sven Zelda (Relativity 1989)

   Hollywood underground era music spawning this good fully attention but badly unlucky to continued their steps further was Thelonious Monster representing how Los Angeles’ Alternative Rock popping out like birthday balloons which formed by names of talented local boys: Bill Stobaugh, Bob Forrest, Chris Handsome, Dallas Don burnet to Dix Denney, Mike Martt, Pete Weiss and Zander Schloss or Rob Ritter, Sondra Christianson to Keith Barry or Martyn LeNoble before things go scattered away and many of these rockers goes on to other projects as you might seemed to hear some of them doing something cooler with other bands.

   Thelonious Monster wasn’t just an answer for R.E.M recognitions and smart written lyrics but more to goes sending would be how they can manage to blending The Replacements, The Pixies and The Cars into one particular package of gladness catchy melodies and honest daily sounds just like the Stormy Weather showing us here. Real Kinda Hatred, Sammy hagar Weekend, See That My Grave is Kept Clean, Swan Song, Lookin’ To The West or Colorblind and Low Boy (Butterflies are Free) reaches the commotions friendly, taste for American pure sounds that comprising Indie-Pop, Country Rock, softer tunes and groovy nuts buzzing of non-commercial loving type of new generations that won’t get the government tore them all up divided by the classification boxes and racial walls – staying in the air for couple years. 

Do you remember that ? 

Stormy Weather: