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Transmission (Hail Hail Records 2016)

   Recommended as you whom loves Alternative Dream Pop Garage Rock to Grunge as well as windy atmosphere blows softly following the Shoegaze harmonic melodies performed by Adam Burns on guitars/vocals, Connor O’Donnell on guitars/synth with Joe McBride the bass player and vocalist to Jack Wood on drums; releasing this friendly – Greetings From Echo Beach as the band themselves interesting to share the lyrics of relationship and romance through the background days at the end of Spring or closer steps onto mid-summer and this mini recording would be a very delighted picture to spend your ears to it. 

Female beauty drinking cold beer by the pool side describing Tomorrow, Streets and Strung Out bordered by Interludes sounding greater if you turn them lower, calmer and feel the afternoon weather without disturbance at all … 

Greetings From Echo Beach: