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Touch Azazel Demonrise (Mystic Production 2015)

   Deadly interchange as the false preaching cardinals open their masks and showing the global world the shape inside of who they really are. Virgin ritualistic offerings to the gates of hell creatures which crawling out as the technology malfunction purposes sooner reveals that the particle of gods actually can bridging the space gap between heaven and hell as Betrayer releasing them within the second recording album called Infernum In Terra as these Polish Death Metal heads: Arkadiusz Kozakiewick, Krzystof Tubaja to Piotr Kuziola or Maciej Maciejewksi and other ex-members brought the blasphemy towards the apocalypse times.

   Opening by the scary intro to Evil Divine or Strike The Earth – everybody shall realizing it that too damn late marks the count-down that before in decades already being alarmed by many figures whom also being butchered and kills from telling secrets of the lurking shadow society as the masters won’t pleased until nobody stop thinking that they’re will die but obeying the spoken words of unholy as Betrayer speaks to the nationwide one final time. 

Infernum In Terra: