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Ticket For Necropolis (Faith & Industry 2018)

   Ticket For Necropolis (Faith & Industry 2018) London – UK’s Brit-Pop musical sounds which alternatively, divided your interest to listen for any Lo-Fi Folk sounds in a slower, softer and melodic tempos like this mastered one by Capitol K and arranged/produced by Thomas Nation within the help from John Johanna debuting the Battle of The Grumbles full-length album as the Blue House solo personal project fronting on prolific writer James Howard entirely tells about unpleasant land of England to the miraculous Norfolk Woodland surroundings and more natural feelings over these nine tracks listed such as Hold My World, The Worry Men, Ballad of The Sad Young Men or Turn and Face The Sea. As medieval meets modern life and English version thinking they’re bigger than the countries surrounding the Mount Alpen and the rest yet …

Battle Of The Grumbles: