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Thyme To Rhyme (Regal Zonophone/EMI 1971)

Man, you will hearing most of the gritty combination from the Brits R&B-Rock groups like minor-key melodies of mellow from the Yardbirds while listening onto this South Australia’s Adelaide recording of (The) Master’s Apprentices featuring lead singer Jim Keays to the rhythm guitarist/song-writer Mick Bower as well the rest of members – Colin Burgess, Doug Ford, Rick Morrison and Peter Tilbrook within this Garage Rock/Prog-Rock instruction for harmony vocals, softer sounds but smudgy like sponge cakes which collaborates to thus artistic absurd painting of a k-nine and a show poster that says a lot about their British related sounds.

A Toast To Red Panama collecting the pieces of how Bluesy Rock mixed with Prog-Pop as well as some early Bee Gees sessions onto Games We Play – Part I or II, Melodies Of St. Kilda, Southern Cross and Answer Lies Beyond; did a very nice job on persecuting many musical instruments sounds of rareness to the original regular one for displaying more elements for your imaginative ears. 

A Toast To Panama Red: