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The Wrestle Sand (FatCat Records 2010)

   Mysterious death or suicidal closing the career of the Glasgow’s lesser-known but should becoming bigger group crew – Frightened Rabbit founded in Selkirk with the lead vocalist Scott Hutchison whom playing rhythm guitar as well until his terrible death news spreading shocks; Grant Hutchison (drums, percussion), Billy Kennedy (bass, guitar, keyboards), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards, bass guitar) and Simon Liddell (guitars) commencing this fourth album as one of their best achievements so far with the Power-Pop Shoegaze and total softer sides taken as influences from either the early nineties Indie-Pop and gruesome tales about being under pressure of living and dream snoring together makes imbalance to yourself probably, led the lyrics to be written carefully, wiser as The Winter Of Mixed Drinks delivers some of its precious harmonic taste of tracks like The Loneliness and The Scream, Skip The Youth, Nothing Like You, FootShooter onto Living In Colour.

Send the rural spirits from far away straight onto your living room by the incident of their lead vocalist dead future.

The Winter Of Mixed Drinks: