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The Sun I Am (Self-Released 2014)

   As Ferenc Kapiller produced the music as well all mysterious computer programming ans a single guitar to manage making simple, good and imaginative melodies for the instrumental Rock acoustic and Metal atmosphere heavily as what the world shall calling as Post-Rock positioned at Szombathely – Hungary with many thanks for those whom already or would listening for the project known here as Release The Long Ships related to the Viking/Nordic customs as the first debut mixing Shoegaze with Post Rock over Wilderness as great as it gets beginning the journey of the bountiful tracks as the background for the little girl to her horse riding and new natural friends of the forest edge views while So Murmured The Wide Seas, Aether, Mist Pillars, The Heart of The mountain and I Have Never Seen The Light bursts such a intimate magic to the audience ears once the harmony hits the air.