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The Silence Village (BMG Entertainment 1999)

   One epic of war's all-stars movie casting are there to join the combat in battlefield with the background of the second world war started the story of Pvt. Robert Witt whose being a deserter of the US Army carefree among Melanesia people of the south pacific; found and imprisoned the troops carrier led by First Sergeant Welsh as then, these C Company consisting of 1st battalion 27th infantry regiment and 25th infantry division brought to Guadalcanal as reinforcement campaign securing Henderson Field by seizing the island occupied by the Japanese soldiers. As navy transported them and contemplate their lives into the invasion to opposed and march to the interior inland encountering natives and evidence of Japanese presence with the key position of Hill 210 has been a hard things to re-take because Japanese had a bunker n the top position to eliminate anyone whom trying to enters their perimeter downhill.  Shelling for the next dawn and continues with many casualties from the C Company attempts to capture the point. 
Arguments broke out between Captain James Staros and Lieutenant Colonel Tall about the higher command to make frontal assault over the bunker before seeing the entire situation in the frontline leads a small team of US soldiers sneaking in closer to the Japanese resistance under the brave acts of reconnaissance mission determining the strength of the bunker as the team finally, doing a very great job for targeting the place for the jet-fighter bombings before the field battle broke out and they must defending themselves from being killed by the angry Japanese soldiers with the blown up successfully on the bunker and the disable of the stronghold. 
   The great story for The Thin Red Line based on a novel by james Jones and directed by Terrence Malick starring Nick Nolte, Adrien Brody, George Clooney, John Cusack, Woody Harrelson to Elias Koteas and main figures of Jim Caviezel and Sean Penn. The soundtrack also comes as a strong teller of musical instrumentals arranged and composed by Hans Zimmer over Beam, The Coral Atoll, Journey To The Line, Air as well as The Lagoon with some names help like Francesco Lupica, Gavin Greenaway and John Powell and the place for the movie located in Queensland to Solomon Island. After the winning on flaking mission bunker taking over to combat pressures and large of Japanese malnourished and dying soldiers make them easier to retaken the last military base overrun successfully; the next week later some of the soldiers send to patrol up river as led by some inexperience 1st lieutenant making Japanese counter artillery firing falls closer to them as the scout of men volunteering themselves encounters Japanese column attacks. Witt gunned down for draws the enemies following him and saved the retreating company. 

The troops soon moving out the island to another mission somewhere as the roaring wars continued …