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The Reflections Turns (Self-Released 2018)

   Doesn’t really counts as this duo of Atmospheric Folk-Metal dig their Appalachian heritage roots of music may causing you freaking big confusion as the mountain’s breeze blows in such an abnormal coldness through your tent. Meeting with the music sounds of Paul Ravenwood did the entirely, strings/vocals/wind instruments and hand drums for the recording intro with blasting beats of fast extreme drum plays from Josh Thieler had a deeply personal devotion for their homeland as Folk/Atmospheric Black metal then, exploding in a matter of time sooner but symphonic and beautiful – in a darkened ways, of course. Screaming voice of Twilight Fauna blending their depressive and harmony tension in pretty much commemorate path as the linked between the last of Spring, the heat of Summer and the Autumn falls did connecting here for Crooked Road and November’s Cold as well as Crying Shame or Chasing Shadows.

  Where Birds Sing My Name is by far – an amalgam meaning being told over the works under the influences of their farther cousins from the Northern Europe territory covered by mountains and hill’s mist producing the story about the inland deadly beauty for the modern extreme soft-loving heads to like this chaotic performance. 

Where Birds Sing My Name: