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The Opposite (Soundway 2018)

   Hypnotic grooves and the combination elements of Afro-Carribean Cumbia onto Space Disco as rhythms measure unique reveals from these four tracks on mini recording from the Amsterdam, Netherlands group calling themselves a s The Mauskovic Dance Band whom brought their Afro-Colombian percussions and rhythmic pleasure presentations of sounds as vintage and hailing the brainchild vision of Nicola Mauskovic with Donnie Mauskovic, Em Nix to mano and Juan Mauskovic as the solid of real brotherhood demanding the seasonal drumming to be intensively, more in writing constant ideas taken from the Zambian legends to Turkish Psychedelic outfits as well as experiments of collaborations to delivers this Down in The Basement EP such as you may listening while dance your girlfriend up by the arousing Latino/Afro beats after home dining before carrying her to the bedroom for sensual pleasure. 

Toucan peeking over a broken faced statue means that Continue The Fun or Tuto bay did really means more than it shows or written carefully for the consumption over the ears integrated by No-Wave drum machine and synths from the 80’s. 

Down In The Basement: