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The Hunt (Independent 2016)

   Kitten lovers needs to find their Moments for listening time with their pets as pure gold favorable mini album recording release by Sad Lips delivers their soft quality over their Gloom Indie Pop harmony musical with Nick Lopes (bass guitar), Joey Procida (lead guitar), Nicole Melillo (vocals, keyboards), Eric Ingram (drums) and Owen Quigley (rhythm guitar) from New Brunswick, New Jersey feeling a bit little reflective and formidable to catch their own lyrics telling by the enclosure of experimental ambient D.I.Y and thin New Wave story songs on thus three tracks. 

   Engineered and mixed by Ben Petty serving the catchy I See Your Face fully loving or the exact timing to think about your day which had been passed out via Breathe in three minutes and five seconds really sounded exciting while you’re alone with your kitty only.