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The Glove Fantasy (Independent 2007)

Exploding the tempest on being extremely influences by the sound of breaking glass, uncontrollable red wine consuming and mixed with misanthropy as the trio of metal-heads from Iron maiden’s pit chamber fans pummeling eardrums, intense fast tempos until you shitting your pants off – the Liverpool three piece comprising for Damian, Dan and Tom never ever stops to grinding their core onto terrible screaming, anger typhoon music and dedicated drumming to kill oldie people or those fainted hearts using this self-titled compilation recording release by the group – Magpyes showing the serpents crowning son of man staring at the populations which he hates the most for multiplying but forgets to preserving the trust that gave to them by the creator.

Stealing Old At The Gates Riff’s Doesn’t Make You Metalcore It Makes You a Thieving…, Snake Hips Vodka Legs, Hellmachines, If Breasts Implants Were Worth Scene Points You’d Be A D-Cup and Mother Ruin tells mostly about the written lyrics news on the devastating world we lived in as Magpyes symbolizing the explosive short performance of England’s lesser known group of extreme Heavy Metal.