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The Gift (Rock Ridge 2005)

   First solo studio album release from this US Nu-Metal modern group Five.Bolt.Main mixing thus combinations between Hard Rock and Alternative Rock off the thoughts idea and themed management around these Louisville, Kentucky in Venting as the sole souls for the group consisting for drummer Ivan Arnold, Ben Patrick (bass), Jason Chandler and Aaron Welenken the guitarists with lead vocalist Chris Volz screaming the angst and issues on social values degradations which being told louder under the produced making from Jason Spiewak and you can pick your own fight songs among Wait In Line, Broken Compass, Seem To Be Fine, Descending, Made Like This, Bid Farewell and Pathetic – ranging the rhythmic rages on and on as well as thus melodic corporate with Venting record. 

So, for the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Spineshank or Saliva; this one is yours !