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The Car Black Big (Self-Released 2018)

   Not too scary but a bit haunting and standard to spirited mischievous death threat and smoking candles alight not shows any good promising about awesomeness as the music started without any reasons but necessary to make just like how evil needs the girl victim offering on the altar and this time, the music making/recording musical or anything towards months by the works performs as incredible appreciated digging of social, immense and loving sounds combination for Emo-Violence, Ambient, Folk-Pop and Indie Punk soft presented by Baltimore, Maryland’s Sam Ray with Sean Mercer, Nick Hughes, Kitty Ray and Dan Windsor collectively known as American Pleasure Club releasing Tour Tape. Feverish twelve tracks and various sound-builds comes over the harmony tunes of Smoking Rock with My Angle in Milwaukee, (You) Know How I Like It, I Want to Fall in Love with You One Million Times or Dope Sick and Sobbing at The Gate of Hell trusted the themes and the lyrics kept for non-commercial purposes for beats. Charming but afar from the word – enchanted !

Tour Tape: